third-party products

Postilion, a division of S1 Corporation (NASDAQ:SONE), is the payments software solution provider of choice for some of the world’s leading ATM owners and deployers, retailers, card issuers, and merchant acquirers. Our solutions drive consumer-generated payments through ATMs, POS terminals, IVR systems, mobile phones, and the Internet. With 15 years experience, Postilion is the world's most widely deployed payment software solution running on an open systems platform.  For more details on Postilion and its related products, see 

Hypercom Corporation is a leading global provider of electronic payment solutions with one of the largest bases of POS terminals installed worldwide that add value at the point-of-transaction for consumers, merchants and acquirers, and yield increased profitability for its customers.  Widely recognized as the global payment technology innovator, Hypercom delivers complete card payment terminal, network access device, server and transaction networking solutions that help merchants and financial institutions generate revenues and increase profits.  In addition, Hypercom is the terminal industry leader in EMV (smart card) compliance, with EMV certifications in all new generation terminals and applications.  With reference to the above it is understandable why EFT Corp made a strategic decision to be a reseller of Hypercom POS terminals in Africa as part of delivering EFT solutions.  For more details on Hypercom and its related products, see

The Hardware Security Module, Futurex's mission is to be the leading provider of cryptographic solutions in the world. They strive to enhance transaction speeds, embrace new technologies and establish innovative standards within their industry. EFT Corp focuses on reselling their HSM (Hardware Security Module) as part of a Postilion solution. For more details on Futurex and its related products, see

Ft Server, Stratus storage products are uniquely designed, tested and optimized to provide mission critical applications with the highest levels of performance, continuous uptime, best-in-class serviceability, and ease of management to ensure vital data on ftServer Series systems. EFT Corp focuses on reselling ftServers as part of a Postilion Solution. It is interesting to note for example that the Postilion Africa Division has implemented more than 95% of their installations in South Africa with the combination of Postilion and ftServers, for switching solutions. For more details on Stratus and its related products, see