products & services

EFT Corp business is based on selling products and services related to delivering EFT and payment solutions.

Products are divided up into two categories, namely: third-party products and in-house developed products.  

EFT Corp focuses on four third-party products, namely:  - Postilion (EFT software / solutions),  - VeriFone (POS devices),  - Futurex (HSM – Hardware Security Modules) and  - Stratus (FtServer – hardware).

Pending the clients actual requirements, EFT Corp on occasions will also sell other third party products as long as it is part of their core business and is related to delivering the required EFT solution.

In addition to our third-party distributorships, EFTCorp has developed an entire suite of Products to satisfy the demands of our EFT clients. The product suite consists of Stand-alone systems and EFT complementary products, enabling us to deliver a turnkey solution that meets the needs of our clients. Our flagship software products include the following:  FinbridgeFincardFinPrepayFinSMS; Telebanking and Interbanking.  EFT also offer customised solutions.