FINBRIDGE (TM) serves as the host interface between a Sub-Host Switch (e.g. Postillion, Electra, Sparrow etc) and any Core Banking System as the Host application. The objective of this interface is establishing connection with the Host System by simulating a server routine to which the Switch sub-host requests information from. In this configuration, the host interface acts as the "server" and the Switch sub-host as the "client". The Finbridge software also maintains a connection to the Core System to enable transaction posting and information requests online in real-time. The Finbridge software, therefore, acts to serve the client with information being acquired from the host application. Its messaging is standards based and fully supports ISO 8583 Standard. 

FINBRIDGE (TM) currently has over 54 installations in Africa. FINBRIDGE (TM) platform provides interfaces to the following delivery channels ATM, POS, VISA, Internet Banking, Mobile/SMS banking, Email banking and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) 

Finbridge enables the following transactions through the various channels : 
- Cash Withdrawals 
- POS terminal Purchases 
- Balance Inquiries 
- Mini Statements 
- Cash Deposits 
- Chequebook Request 
- Full Statement Request 
- Funds Transfers 
- Bill Payment from Account 
- Smart Card Transactions 
- Offline Processing 
- Automated Reporting 
- Security (Restrictions for User and Modules Access)